I founded Old Line Architects in September, 2015. This was a natural career progression after more than twenty years in building construction and design, and also the fulfillment of a longtime personal ambition. It is my goal to grow Old Line into a firm known for the exceptional quality of its work.
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Chris Weston

I hold a Bachelor of Science from the University of Maryland School of Architecture, class of 1994. During college I worked as a house painter, landscaper, and carpenter seeking the lessons those crafts could teach. I’ve always believed that it is important to know how to put a building together if you want to design a good one.

Two particular experiences from that time have to some extent shaped my career. One summer, I was fortunate to land an internship with the Historic Annapolis Foundation documenting buildings in the city. The following summer, I landed a carpentry job helping to restore the 18th century home of Annapolis printer, Jonas Greene. These two experiences began my love affair with old buildings.

My first job after college was with a residential architecture firm in suburban Washington, D.C. When the architecture market took a downturn, I took a job as a home inspector with Boswell Building Surveys in Baltimore, figuring it was temporary until the architecture market picked up again. I ended up falling in love with the job, and stayed on for five years inspecting over two thousand buildings. That experience gave me a unique insight into what works, what doesn’t, and the importance of doing things right the first time. In the evenings, I moonlighted as a freelance residential architect. After completing several side jobs, I realized how much I missed design, and in 2000 decided to return to a full-time career in architecture.

In the fifteen years since then, I have been employed by three great architecture firms in Baltimore: Marks, Thomas and Associates, RTKL, and GWWO. At those firms I’ve been fortunate to work on: landmarks, visitor centers, presidential homes, affordable housing, luxury housing, senior housing, infrastructure, recreation, retail, education, institutional, office, hotel, athletic, and historic projects. This work has been an immense source of pride, and I am forever grateful to the people at these firms who shared with me their wisdom and showed me how to make a good building. For a complete list of prior projects click here or the link below.

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