Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are frequently overlooked in the initial eagerness to get a project going. They should ideally occur prior to the design process or purchase. A feasibility study informs both the owner and the design team of what can and can’t be done before pen is put to paper. A few things a feasibility study can answer:
1. What are the local zoning codes?
  • How tall can the building be?
  • What are the setbacks from the property line?
  • Is the proposed use allowed?
  • Is the proposed bulk and density allowed?
2. What are the applicable building codes?
  • What materials can the building be made of?
  • Is the building size limited by the materials selected? (Example: wood buildings are limited in size)
  • What are the applicable energy codes?
3. Are there utilities available at the site?
4. What other infrastructure might be necessary?
5. Can an existing building be made accessible to people with disabilities?
Old Line Architects has the experience to find the answers. Look to us with confidence to perform a feasibility study before your next project.
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