• Old Line Architects has the goal of making the world a more accessible place for people with disabilities. It’s a founding principle of our mission, and a way to make a difference with the tools we have in our possession.
  • Accessible buildings make sense!
  • An accessible home is one that is open to all friends and family, regardless of ability, and allows the homeowners to remain in the home should a family member’s physical abilities change.
  • An accessible business allows patrons and employees the dignity of participating in a world which many able-bodied people take for granted. An accessible business will be patronized again and again not just by the disabled, but also their friends and family for the inclusionary experience it offers. Making your business accessible is not just the law, it’s good for business!
  • Old Line Architects prides itself in research and understanding of accessibility issues. Whether you are looking to design a new building, renovate an existing building, or assess your existing building for accessibility, Old Line Architects is here to help.
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